Google Crawl API

Get Google Search results as raw HTML


Crawl Google Search Results

Get Google search results in HTML and parse them into your application.

On average, results are returned in less than 300 ms.

google crawl api


Accurate Locations

Get Google results from anywhere in the world with our "location" parameter.

Serply uses Google’s geolocated, encrypted parameters and routes your request through the proxy server nearest you, so search results are accurate.

accurate search engine locations

Every Language

Scrape with Any Language

You can use Serply with any language. Scrape search engine results pages (SERPs) with Python, Ruby, Javascript, Curl, Node.js, Go, .NET, etc.

Our REST API provides you with precise, reliable responses encoded in JSON.

serp api for python, javascript, ruby, php


Get support when you need it

100% service level for four years and counting. We respond in hours, not days, if you need help or have a feature request.

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